Fear is something we face every day. At a macro scale, it acts as an ingredient of peace in our society. Individually, it is an impactful motivator for any and all of our actions. I believe fear is important. It is used to keep order and peace in our society. However, when looking at a micro-scale, it does more harm than good. When we take the time to understand this feeling, we will be able to understand where our actions are coming from.

More often than not, we make numerous scenarios in our minds and act according to the path with the least resistance. Why do we let such a feeling control our whole lives?

Fear prevents me from trying something new. Fear prevents me from committing to someone. Fear prevents me from being myself. Humans have the ability to reason. Reason becomes a double-edged sword when thinking about fear. Based on preconceived notions, we create scenarios in our heads that prevent us from doing what we really want.

I have always been afraid of failing. Whether it was for following through on a commitment or simply a test. It has prevented me from trying a lot of things. When I took the time to understand what this feeling is, I was able to gain more control over my actions. I started to understand, which actions I was making out of choice and which actions I was making out of fear.

I have experienced those scenarios coming true. Whether it was me failing at a sport or someone breaking my trust, I realized that I was still better off taking the chance. Everyone says that you live only once. I say that you live every day and only die once. Every day is another chance to make a change. Instead of taking that chance, why should we spend it being afraid?

Thank you so much for reading this post! I would love to hear some of your fears and how you overcame them down below. Tune in next Sunday to read about Morning Routines.


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