Why do we get so intimated from this word? Why are we taught to believe stress is a bad thing?

Stress allows us to grow. It allows us to learn and realize our potential. It cannot be avoided. If you want to achieve anything in your life, at some point you will have to bear this feeling.

It’s not the amount of stress you carry that breaks you down. It’s how you carry it.

Jay Shetty

Throughout our lives, we will face numerous problems and situations. Each one may be completely different than the other. However, the feeling will always be the same. We will always have a sense of added weight onto our shoulders. How we carry this weight is what drags us down. We often blame the problems or complain about the situation we are put in. When in reality, it’s the solution we should be focusing on. I have learned that we have little to no control over the majority of the situations we are put in. In the end, we are defined by how we react.

When you change the way you carry that weight, you are changing your perception of stress. Instead of seeing it as a hurdle or hinderance; you start seeing it as an opportunity. Shifting my perspective has changed the way I deal with problems and make decisions.

Another issue I dealt with was being involved with too many different things. I was involved with 6 different clubs and taking over 17 hours of classes. It was rare for me to have any time for just myself. I was involved in things that would have little to no benefit in the career I wanted to pursue. I realized this once I took the time to define who I wanted to be. Understanding myself allowed me to understand what types of loads I needed to be carrying.

I am a victim of overthinking. There have been countless times where I overthink a situation and often perceive it worse than it actually is. This causes me to be stressful and clouds my decision making. Distracting myself by doing things I like usually helps me avoid this issue. Over the summer I had no idea where I would be in August due to immigration. I had just graduated from the University of Kansas having no idea what my future holds. My whole life was dependent on a piece of paper from the government. My family came to visit me for my graduation in May. It wasn’t until after they left, I realized all the stress and anxiety I had of my future. There were numerous sleepless nights and stressful moments. I eventually realized, how little control I had over the situation. Wasting my time thinking about or worrying about what was to happen would only add onto the stress. So, I started reading, working out, cooking different dishes, selling stuff online, watching movies etc.. Anything that would distract me. I had done everything right and trusted that whatever would happen will happen for the best. When we start overthinking, we start adding weight that was never meant to be there.

Every time I face a difficult situation or have a lot of pressure on me, I start reflecting. I reflect on past situations where I had the same feeling and how I overcame it. I use my past accomplishments as a way to inspire and motivate me to get through my present. More often than, we give little to no credit for our past. We have to take the time to appreciate the things we have accomplished to have the ability to appreciate the things we will.

I am constantly trying to improve and trying to learn new ways o dealing with stress. I believe it is important to know that dealing with stress isn’t. It is something that can’t be avoided and it is perfectly okay to have a breakdown. In the end, we are human and we aren’t perfect.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! I would love to hear your moethods of overcoming stress! Tune in next Sunday to read about time management.